My Life as a Social Being (pt. 1)


Hey, guys! How have you been?

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been too busy but now it’s Christmas break (whoooo) so I’d be able to do 3 blog posts in two weeks (maybe).

So in my previous posts, you might have noticed that it’s all about my thoughts on something with just a hint of experience so now, I’m going to talk about my experiences.

First of these will be, as you have already guessed from the title, my social life. So without further ado,


I wasn’t that much active as a very young child.

I probably was one of those kids who loves to participate in class activities because all I knew it could help me gain friends, but whenever it’s playtime, I don’t usually ask my classmates if I could play with them, so I just stay in a corner until they call me to join them.

It was probably because I spent my first 4 years mostly at home with my parents, grandmother, nanny and our collection of dolls. [I even remember one time at a school day when I woke up early and found that my mother was about to go to work and I chased her down to the corner of our street crying because I want to go with her but before I caught up, my father took me back to our house and scolded me there. My mother returned and swore that if I finished taking a bath, she would bring me to work. Turns out she lied, as when I was about to enter the bedroom to wear clothes, she was already gone.]

Well, I did play with our neighbors who are of the same age as I am when I was younger, along with my sisters, but I’m guessing that we aren’t just as good in the games they play so we just stay at one side and watch them do their thing.

Anyways, it was because I didn’t really know how to fit in even as a four-year-old, and this would be my case up until later on.

New school, new environment.

You do know the feeling of being a new kid, like no one (I mean no one) is familiar to you, yeah? That’s what I felt when I was 5, when I transferred from a day care center to a private school. Just imagine a little kid who already knows that feeling.

I was the new kid in our class. Everyone else has been there since the previous year, so it makes all of them friends, while I have to struggle finding new ones.

Even though my dad is there until dismissal, it was too much for me to take in: from just a small house-like classroom to a campus with multiple buildings; from a single class with 40 students from the [3-to-5 years range of age] to a real school consisting of 12 years, from the kindergarten to the high school curriculum.

On my first day, we were asked by our teacher to introduce ourselves in front of everyone, so I don’t really remember anything except when I was already done and I hurried back to my seat.

I did get a few friends throughout the year, and they we all share the same table. Other than them, the rest were already strangers.

It went on up to 3rd grade actually; my only friends are only those who are seated around me, but there were still times when I was invited to play with the others, and there were times when I mustered all the courage to join in.

Fourth Grade

It wasn’t until 4th grade when I started to become aware of what others think and how they actually behave. I had my first best friend, my first punishment, my first classmate who copied off my answers during and had a higher score than I did.

There was one time when we celebrated the language month and we were required to wear our national clothes during the celebration. They didn’t specify that only those in the 3rd grade and below should wear it whole day and those who are in the 4th grade and higher should just bring theirs and be in their school uniform for the first part of the program. So guess what?

I was the only person who’s older than eight years old wearing a dress for the whole morning. My teacher didn’t scold me because of it; it was one of my classmates who got mad at me due to that and I cried. I didn’t want to enter the gymnasium because of that. I had some classmates comfort me after and persuaded me to attend the program. [Shout out to my best friend who never left my side up until the end of the first part of the program.]

There was one time when our adviser had to rearrange out seats so I was separated from my best friend and sat beside a classmate of mine who was separated from her best friend. The difference between us was I was willing to make friends with others while she didn’t like the idea of being away from her best friend and she cried because of it. I wanted to comfort her but I was intimidated since she was easily the prettiest in the room (her best friend that time came closely second) and also because in a bad mood. She ended up being the one who cheated during a quiz in Mathematics and got a perfect score while I had one mistake (she ranked 6th in class at the end of the school year while I was ranked 9th).

There was also a time during break when her friends came to her seat to chat and she was holding a piece of paper (which contains the lyrics to My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas). I asked her if I could join in, and she caught me looking at the paper so she faced it away from me and said to me, “Sorry you’re not allowed because you’re too young.” All I did was slowly turn away and go back to staring out the window.

There were so many things that happened here that may cause elongate this post, so I’ll try to make another post regarding this year.

Sixth Grade Trauma

Nothing significant happened in 5th grade that affected my social life whatsoever, but it sure did get me in a surprise during sixth grade: I fractured my right ankle.

Yes, I fractured my right ankle because we played something (that involves jumping and requires balance, coordination and flexibility, the last which I don’t have) in the middle of the room and it happened because our PE teacher won’t allow us to do it outside where the ground is soft enough to play on.

It so happens that the second floor of where we were staying was being built and we were supposed to transfer there after it is finished.

Long story short, we weren’t able to because of me. I didn’t blame it on myself because I know that it wasn’t my fault that I got injured; I blamed it all on the stupid logic of letting us play in the room where there are higher chances of foot injury because of the tiled floor rather than outside on the mini field because of the chances that one of the administration will be going around the campus for inspection.

So remember that girl in 4th grade? Yeah, that one who became my seatmate. I heard from my sister that she was backstabbing me and she said that it was all my fault that we didn’t get to experience having classes on the second floor of the building.

Yep, that was the very moment I knew she won’t consider me as her friend, nor I her.

Before graduating, we had this tradition of making letters to each other about graduating, getting to high school and stuff right now. Well, I did get a few from my classmates, and of course one of them was from my best friend from 4th grade, but its contents wasn’t what I was expecting. It was about not being friends anymore because she already has her own group of best friends . I felt so bad about it I was about to cry because I just lost a best friend, and probably the only one I ever had throughout my life as an elementary student. I had had long chats with my other classmates but that’s that. It never got past to the stage where we could fool around together.


So that was my social life until I was 11. Sorry if this post was a bit rushed. I just have so many other things to do.

Part 2 will be up anytime soon. Thank you for reading this crap of an entry. Have a happy christmas, guys!



Book Review: “Library of Souls” by Ransom Riggs


Hi, guys!

So today, I’m going to have a book review instead on one of the novels I read like more than two weeks ago during our three and a half week break, like seriously why didn’t make it a month instead?

Moving on. The book is entitled Library of Souls, which is the third and last book of the Peculiar Children trilogy written by Ransom Riggs. I wouldn’t be specifying things from like the 3rd page to the last one so there would be no spoilers, in case there will be some avid readers who haven’t read this one yet


So the story continues with Jacob, Emma and Addison searching for the ymbrynes and their friends. They did everything to get to them at the subway, across the sea, over bridges, through cars. While doing so, they’ve met more peculiars, wights and hollows that would either help them or let them suffer.

I was EXTREMELY happy when I finally finished the book. There’s nothing I can think of except that it was flawless.

The chapters were thoroughly thought, the characters were very much matured and the whole plot is just entire asbjfnsabnfidn.

It’s good. It’s that good. Just wait until the last few chapters of the book, you’re going to cry waterfalls.

I’ll just edit this post when I am able to come up with other stuff I could properly comment, which will be after I fangirl over the book.

And to the producers of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: don’t fail. Please don’t fail. I cannot have another bestselling work to be butchered by a movie.

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Job Interview


Hey, guys! It’s been ages!

Sorry if I haven’t posted for so long because obviously my life is boring.

Anyway I’m just posting here for some short post just to take out my anxiety on something that would be happening tomorrow.

And that would be a practice “job interview” (dun dun dun).

Yeah, it’s only practice but as an introverted/ambiverted person (I still don’t know what I am between the two), it just makes me stutter, I become all jittery inside and my whole body feels warm (that’s what I feel when I get really nervous) and these are not even pleasant. I even press the wrong keys as I’m typing this.

We have already discussed what to except during the interview, especially on the appropriate clothes and the most commonly asked questions, which is pretty terrifying. I don’t know if I’m going to stutter as I answer even at the easiest questions.

I don’t even know if a striped yellow-and-white polo shirt is proper, or a pair of 1-inch-heel (it looks more like a wedge to be honest) black shoes is allowed.

Seriously, the anxiety levels getting higher that all I wanted to do is pretend to be sick and not attend classes tomorrow but then, it would be equal to 24-hour extension which is 3 extra days of duty which is something that I don’t want to do.

I know this might sound stupid for you but one thing that I always think of is that:

If we were to apply just after passing the board exam, will the interviewers expect us to give the perfect answers to the questions that they’re going to throw at us?

Yeah, I know that that is the purpose of the practice job interview, to prepare you for what will happen when you will finally apply for a real job after graduating from college, but for me, it’s different.

How’s it different? First, the interviewer him/herself. Why? Because no matter how similar these people’s jobs are, they are still different people and even if their personality plays a small part (probably a possible factor in getting you hired for the job), it could affect his/her decisions.

And seriously, our interviewer tomorrow is our clinical instructor with no experience being head/chief nurse whatsoever while interviewers at hospitals could be the HR head or the chief nurse. Like how? They might have experiences with it already but they can’t expect us to be that perfect interviewee for the sake of the university’s name, can they? They just even left us alone to research more on how to do well during the interview. How could they not know that it could make their students anxious which could affect their performance like seriously why?

Second, the time. We didn’t even have any experience with true-to-life job interviews before, so how the hell are we going to perfect it? Just by practice?

Well you obviously need the experience for you to be really good at it so sorry in advance for not having experience then. Yeah, you’re already considered an adult at the age of 18 but being a college student and a full pledged adult is different, as in college you still could be spoon-fed with all the information you needed, whilst as an adult, you are left alone to deal with everything and learn things by your own which is already terrifying as it sounds. School needs to teach students on how adult life works such as taxes and jobs, not physical education where topics are repeated all over each year since high school.

Well, I’m not saying that I should be lazy and the information should all come to me but as a person who didn’t have any experience with this kind of shit, I have the rights to in my opinion.

I’m sorry for the rant. Just want to take everything out. If anyone who’s a clinical instructor, a healthcare member or an interviewer, I’m so sorry. It’s my own views as a student, but I do know that what you do for us is for everyone’s good.

So that’s the end of my post. Hit the follow button if you want to see more of my posts. Thanks for reading (and “listening”), guys.


Course of Nursing



Hey, guys!

So the reason why I chose Punctures and Lobotomy as my URL-slash-Page-title is because I’m currently taking up nursing, and I’m already in my last year (yayayayayay!!!) which means it’ll be my last year being dependent on my parents [which kind of sucks] because I’ll be already working (*cries*).

Nursing wasn’t my only choice.

I admit that I took up this course because it’s been my dream since I first saw a woman in this all-white uniform and I thought it would look cool, that I would look respectable.

But then, I also grew up. I also began to consider other courses wherein I can use my “specialties” in my future profession.

This was my first choice.

Basically, it was because my dream.

As I grew up, I saw more and more nurses roaming around, trying to get to their workplaces. When I visit my cousin (who was also a nurse) at the hospital, I see these people in white uniform and the girls with caps on them

Now, what I wanted to talk about are the misconceptions about Nursing as a course and as a profession by other students from other courses.

Isn’t there an oversupply of nurses already? 

You don’t even know if there is an over- or oversupply, but from our training at a hospital and questions to a few nurses, it seems that there is a lack of supply.

Rumors– or truth– from others say that there are a lot of registered nurses who are currently finding jobs at different places that are not even related to their profession. Ah! So itan oversupply because there are no available slots at hospitals.

What is there, really? Oversupply? Undersupply? Oversupply? Undersupply? Oversupply? Undersup–

You know what? It doesn’t matter to me. As long as I’ve finished what I have dreamt of for over a decade, I’m satisfied with it. I’ll just have to finish graduation and everything before I worry about the actual job.

They said that the course is hard.

Wrong. It’s not so hard if you’re focused on the course. If you’re not studying, then comes the time when everything becomes hard for you.

Just listen to your teachers, parents and other people who know the feeling of taking up Nursing.

If you’d think those all-answers-are-correct-but-choose-the-best-one multiple choice exams, 100-item pretests, and 8-hour duty twice a week seem impossible to achieve, listen to me who’s been there, who’s done that, and who’s still doing it: there’s nothing impossible if you keep on trying and if you trust in God.

I’m telling you all these things about hardwork yet I’m a person or procrastination. People just underestimate my abilities.

No, just kidding.

In all seriousness, though, if you’re into something and you want to achieve it but there is a lot of negativity radiating from others that might keep away from what you want to do, just consider if you want to but don’t let it take over your life and tell you what to do.

If it would be what will make you happy, do it. If you’re willing to take all risks, go ahead. As long as you believe you can do it, go after it.

Are you going to proceed to medicine after?

I used to tell the others that I wanted to be a doctor when I was around 4 or 5. I turned to being a nurse because when I was a kid, my assumption was that the doctor has a heavier job than nurses do.

Now that I’m already grown up, I have realized that the difference of a doctor and a nurse is that, generally, the doctor’s responsibility is to identify what kind of illness does a patient have and it’s already his/her duty to prescribe the diagnostic tests, medications, etc. while the nurse’s responsibility is to identify different measures and care plans in order to enhance the patient’s health.

As of now, I’m still in the crisis of proceeding to medicine, but if I did, I would be taking somethings related to cardio, neuro or renal.

So that’s all that I can think of right now. There was literally nothing interesting that has happened to me for the past 2 weeks so this is my end product for this day.

To those who have read this, thanks for spending your time reading this post.

Good bye. See you when I see you


Marriage Equality


Hey, guys 🙂 So today, I want to talk about something that made me think about so many things and I want to spill out all my problems (although this is not really a problem but people begin to make some parts of it a huge deal which really bother me since I give too many f’s and I express myself so badly on other social networking sites).

And to everybody reading this, this is only my thoughts. If you have different points of view, I respect it but you also have to respect mine too because we are entitled to have our own opinions.

This is about marriage equality.

So the Supreme Court of the United States finally went to the conclusion of allowing it on every state of the country.

I mean, although I’m straight, I do support the LGBT community.

To all people who still disagree with the decision of the US SC:

Isn’t using the word of God just to bring down the LGBT community an offense to the 2nd commandment? If you think that the whole thing about man-to-man/woman-to-woman marriage is shameful, you who just used the name of God in anything except for peace have also disrespected Him. And if God didn’t want this to happen, to have men acting like and becoming women and vice versa, why hasn’t he punished them? Why are they still fortunate? Why was happiness brought to them and that kind of happiness brought bitterness in your life? What have you done that you don’t feel what those people feel right now? Remember that God has everything planned out for all of us and God had probably meant for this to happen.

If you’re a Roman Catholic who doesn’t support the community, it’s 60% of us versus the 40% of you.

And rather than waste your time bashing other people, why can’t you just mind your own business so that you’ll be happy with your life, too?


To those specific people who imitated Christ and used it as an image for marriage equality,

Did you ever think that I will ever leave you out on this rant?

You’ve been wanting for the whole world to accept you but now that part of the human population does, what did you do?

You disrespected God. You used Jesus to show your victory on having marriage equality being passed. To what? To piss off the church and to those who are religious and supported heterosexual marriage only?

I thought that no one could stoop so low but wowWow, man. You have proven me wrong.

You could’ve just celebrated it, do a parade, wave your flag here and there, not that one. If those people were actually Catholics, don’t you even read the most basic things about your religion?

I support the LGBT in general but those who did that one I don’t particularly like.


To the White House, 

You’re the man. You made your citizens proud of your country. That lighting was very cool, too.

But did you ever lit up blue, red and white for the ones who are still in a battle outside your country? They needed some support too, you know.


To every person who celebrated that momentous day,

Congratulations to all of you. May this be something that would bring part of happiness in your life.

But now that it’s done, would you just take a look at those unfortunate people who have been walking the streets? Because while you’re celebrating something that was a huge fulfillment to your social life, people on the streets are starving and dying due to the lack of care to their physical health.

If you’ve been blaming the misfortune of these people to your government, could you at least just help them by giving your change to them or treating them with a meal? Because if you will wait for the government to do it, it will take long. The president, v-president, senators etc. etc. are also busy people and there are also some issues that they need to take care of. Doing good things to our less fortunate brothers and sisters is even bad for you. What’s the big deal if he/she touches you with grimy hands? Does it make you less of a person?


So that’s all that I can think of right now. If I still have things to say about this, I’ll just make a part 2.

So thank you, guys. Till next time.


Book Review: “Deadly Secrets” by David Belbin


HeyHiHello there! Thank you to those guys who liked my introduction and followed me. Very appreciated, you guys 🙂

If you have remembered from my Intro, I told you that I wanted to be called Lumos for a reason. Well, if you’re a Potterhead, you could figure it out already 🙂

Anyways, I’m going to do my first post [on this blog], and I decided that it would be a book review, since I’m such a HUGE. FRIKKIN’. BOOK. NERD.

So there is a pile of books dumped in a basket, which has been in the living room by my bedroom door since my youngest sister and I cleaned out our bookshelf. We took out the old ones [written by Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, etc.] and arranged the new ones according to author. My dad was supposed to put it away upstairs, but he always forget. Earlier, before I went to school, I saw “Deadly Secrets” on top of the old books and, because the title was interested for me, I took it and read the back cover, which kind of made me want to read it. So there I was at school, reading it before and after classes and even skipped break in between (classes were only in the morning on Fridays). After just a few hours, I was able to finish it.

Warning though. If you want to read the book, you might as well stop here because I’ll be giving some spoilers before giving my review.


So the story is about a sixteen-year-old boy who wanted to form a band and got kicked out of the house by his mum because of playing his music really loud. To prevent him from working at an early age, his dad invited him to study at the school where he was just about to teach. At the first week of term, a lifeless body was found inside the school, and he was put in the middle of the investigation. Different people were suspected to be the killer, including the boy’s enemy, the school counselor, his own dad and even himself, until it turns out to be the person they didn’t expect to do it.

So all I can say about it is: amazing.

The twists and turns of the story are flawless. There were SO many of them in a small book with less than two hundred pages that I couldn’t believe that an author could do that. Literally, the protagonist pinpointing others as the murdered from [SPOILERS] his enemy to the school counselor to his dad [then the police concluded that he himself was the killer] then the deputy head then to one of their teachers before knowing from his favorite musician (an old student of the school) that it was his friend (the headmistress’ niece) who killed her own aunt.

And the characters. Even though the author had already given almost all information about each of them, there is still that little possibility that that character will turn around, and you won’t be able to suspect it. Adam, Simon, Naomi, Mo, Forrest and more of them that you would be able to know better as the story goes.

There’s nothing more that I can say. Like seriously, an addition to my favorite mystery books. If you have already read it and you disagree with me, I respect your view, but please do respect mine as well as we are entitled to our own opinions.

So that’s my book review. I hoped you liked reading it. I don’t know if there are still any “Deadly Secrets” book being sold at bookstores or can be downloaded from the net, but if you have one in your bookshelf and no one has touched it yet for so long, go on and read it. I cannot guarantee that it will be that excellent but I know that you would enjoy reading it.

That’s it for today. See you soon.



Hey, peeps!

You might guess that I’ve been on my [on hiatus] WordPress blog since like almost three years ago.

Yeah, I remember posting that story about Jenna and Christopher [I admit I have to check up on it before posting this]. I didn’t get tired of writing it. It’s just that there are so many things in my mind that I have been writing, too. (Harry Potter fanfic; HP, PJO and Narnia oneshots; and an original one also but the supporting characters are a mix from different popular stories)

Anyways, I would like to introduce myself again to you, although I don’t want to reveal my real name bc I want to keep anonymous so that I’ll be able to express what I feel without anyone I know to know that I am the one who’s behind this blog. (Sounds like Girl Online by Zoë Sugg, doesn’t it? But I’ve already had this plan AGES before it was even published. I just didn’t really have the time)

I’d be behind the alias Lumos [bc HP 5evaaaar]. I would like to explain why somehow I couldn’t so I’ll leave it up to you guys to understand why.

I’m an Asian (guess where?) but not that stereotype Asian who always studies to get high grades.

I’m 19, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog all over again. It’s because it’s the year in between adolescence and adulthood, so I would like to document everything that I want to let out but can’t say it to other people, soe do excuse me if ever I’ll be posting some rants here.

I’m currently in my fourth year in college [guess what course], which is another reason why I wanted to do blogging.

Obviously, one of my hobbies is writing; that is why I decided to do this blog, because writing is my only way to express myself without people cutting through me as I speak. My other hobbies include drawing, surfing the net (obv), sleeping (obv) and eating (I mean, who doesn’t have this as a hobby?).

That’s all that I can think of but expect to learn more about me as I write more entries on here (probz about a maximum of two every week).

Goodbye for now, guys.

PS. Guess what blog was it.